Integrating solutions to achieve your goals.

About Us

Our Experience


  Our market focus spans a vast range of industries and verticals with each effort demanding a unique client-focused result. Our experience in engineering, information technology, and project management provides a solid background to rely upon as we design and maintain efficient solutions.  CIS has been helping organizations achieve their goals since the year 2000. 

Our Approach


We believe that understanding your business logic and processes is key to providing an integrated solution.   Our approach relies on investing heavily in the design phase, in order to provide  seamless, reliable, and efficient results. The outcome is consultant services focused on analysis, implementation and management of your business requirements and timelines.

Why Us?


Our experience in multiple fields of technology coupled with a solid engineering and  project management methodologies lead to an effective and complete integrations.   We draw from a successful history and experience of building strategic, customized, and insight-driven solutions that maximize efficiency and results.