Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) aims to support better business decision-making. An effective BI strategy drives profitable growth and operational efficiency. 

 Many techniques are used in identifying, extracting and analyzing business data providing management with valuable decision making tools.  Presenting results in dynamic, live web portals allows decision makers to manipulate the data and retreive necessary information  CIS custom solutions integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructure, and rapidly scales from simple departmental needs to enterprise wide implementation.

Our solutions expose viable information in databases and data warehouses using techniques such as:

Below are some samples of reports we have developed to help organizations achieve their goals:

Productivity Report

This report provides the middle and upper management with the number of productive hours for each staff for each month and with a cumulative total up to date, and it is compared to the target expected productivity hours.
A total number of hours of productivity per team are also provided.
Supervisors can then use this information to encourage their team members to work harder and produce more.  Management can use this information to foster competitiveness within teams.

Performance Indicators Report

This report provides information on how well an organization is performing in regards to the performance indicators within the industry statewide.

Census Report

This report provides valuable information on the movement of consumers within the organization and also in and out of the organization.

Big Cost Report

This report provides costs for the various services provided, specially the expensive ones, in order to monitor and control.

Costing Template Report

This report provides the units used as well as the count of consumers serviced. This report helps compute the internal cost per units for each service provided.

Scorecard Executive Reports

This report is prepared for executives such as board members to present various high level measures in order to relate the current state of the organization.  Prior years data is also provided for comparison purposes, and benchmarks and targets areset in order to judge how well the organization is doing

Demographics Report

This report provides consumers demographics information in order to better understand  the population being served by the organization.  Management can then make changes to be able to better serve the consumers, or focus on a specific age group.

Profitabilty Report

This report presents the profiatbility of the organization based on current costs, and expenses broken down by products or services.