Great Service. Great People.

We believe that our most important assets are our employees.  At CIS, we understand the importance of leading a well-balanced life and meeting family needs and obligations. That’s why we offer a full range of benefits to help employees maintain this balance. Have a look below to learn more about some of the hallmarks of our company’s culture, which were developed using direct feedback from our employees. Some of the benefits outlined below are not available for part-time employees, employees on Probationary status, and or contractors. All benefits are subject to change without notice.

Health Benefits:

Insurance Stipend:  Health benefits preference vary largely with employee age, social status and overall health condition.  This is why CIS offers a monthly lump-sum amount to contribute to employee’s health insurance of choice.


The CIS health network:  With the CIS health network card, CIS employees receive 50% on all services rendered at select Urgent Cares and medical practices around the metro detroit area.


Health Club Membership:
CIS strongly believes in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle.  We encourage our employees to obtain memberships in health clubs by offering up to 100% contribution towards the monthly fees.



Continuing Education:  CIS offers tuition re-imbursment to cover up to 50% of cost for programs, courses, and degrees direclty related to CIS line of products and services subject to CIS employment committment policies.


Certification: CIS offers 100% coverage for all costs of certification exams only.


Family Benefits:


Monthly Dinner


Friendly working environment with simple strategies: